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Whether you are looking for a small group workshop, a "Learn on Your Turf" 1:1 mentoring session, or an International presentation and group workshop, I offer it all!!!!!!! 

     group learning

I offer small group workshops throughout the United States and abroad.  Locations for the workshops are often chosen by demand and interest in a particular area.  In 2022 I hope to schedule some locations too, as I keep an eye on Covid and where it is safe to travel.  You can find more information about workshop opportunities, what is included, and how to save your spot HERE.

 one on one 
"Learn on Your Turf" 1:1 mentoring sessions take place at YOUR studio, with YOUR lighting, YOUR equipment, and YOUR studio's unique layout and challenges.  Tuition includes 2 full days of instruction starting at 9:00am each day, Caralee's actions and learn-at-home materials (videos, editing videos, PDF files, etc.), continued help and support, and SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!  Topics covered will be customized to YOUR needs and can include..... CLICK HERE for ideas and options.


we have fun at the workshops!!!!!!!!!!



For more information regarding 1:1 mentoring and what is included click HERE



"I've always been drawn to Caralee’s colorful, flawless, and consistent style of photography, and dreamed of learning from her.  She was so patient and spent as much time with me to assure I understood and mastered the techniques being taught.  Caralee is a wonderful teacher and exceeded my expectations.  She encouraged us to ask questions, take notes and videos, and shoot our own photos right alongside her. It doesn't stop there, Caralee is amazing at student follow-up and continued learning even AFTER the workshop, through our workshop Facebook group. She is so quick to respond to questions and I loving having a direct line to her."




"I am SO glad I finally got to meet and learn from Caralee Case!  Before the workshop, she sent us a detailed questionnaire to get an idea of our skill level and what we were hoping to learn.  This was KEY to teaching a successful workshop.  Whether you were just getting started or wanted to sharpen your skills, this was a great tool to gauge what type of students would be attending, so she could teach exactly what we were looking for.  She did not disappoint!  I LOVE how Caralee gets such creamy, dreamy skin tones, and she gives you everything you need to know to accomplish this!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill with us!  I highly recommend a workshop with Caralee Case!"




"When I found Caralee's photographs ALL over the internet she stood out to me as a lover of color, creativity and consistency.  When I saw she offered workshop learning opportunities I immediately decided to attend, without hesitation.  It was a dream come true, so I attended again a few years later!  I learned NEW skills each time!  Including client communication, marketing, lighting, posing, styling, and even the simplest little secret tricks. My clients are consistently impressed with my work because of ALL the things I learned from this Rock-star of a teacher!!!!"



"Attending Caralee's workshop was a dream come true and lived up to everything I imagined and MORE!  She is sweet, colorful and bubbly just like her photos are, and she is a great teacher!  Before the workshop she sent all of us a detailed questionnaire to get an idea of each student's skill level and what they were hoping to learn. This was KEY to teaching a successful workshop! Whether just starting out or wanting to polish your skills, this was a great tool to gauge what type of students would be attending, so she could teach exactly what each student was looking for. I LOVE the creamy, dreamy skin tones in Caralee's work, and she gives you everything you need to know to accomplish this. I highly recommend a workshop with Caralee Case!".


"If you are serious about becoming a professional newborn photographer, or child and family photographer, and business owner then Caralee Case's small group workshops are exactly where you want to go!!  She is a fun, kind, caring and wonderful teacher.  Taking her workshop totally changed my skills, my confidence and my business for the better!   I can't even imagine how much I would learn and grow as an artist with a 1:1 mentoring session with Caralee!!!  Wow!  She loves what she does and it shows in every image she creates.  AND in the way she so professionally and lovingly teaches and helps each student."


"I admire Caralee's work and love her bright colors and the fresh look she can give to every image. At the workshop it was wonderful to be in a small group so we could all ask questions and get a one-on-one response.  I felt like Caralee spent time making sure each student really understood what was being taught.  She was happy to share her knowledge and every part of her creative process, in order to make OUR images and process better, smoother, faster!  Caralee Case is wonderful teacher, person, and inspiring to be around.  I would absolutely take this workshop again!"



Digital Backdrop Designs

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Have you ever tried using a digital background?  I love that they can be so quick and easy as seen in this video tutorial on my YouTube channel. I've designed the images with my favorite props, flowers, greenery, layers, bowls, furs, and creativity! All YOU have to do is insert your own newborn photo! (See examples below)  Designs are available for Christmas, Valentine's, Spring, Summer, Fall, Sports and so much more that work for images all year long!

SPORTS Collection Newborn Digital Backgrounds

NEW Butterfly Digital Backdrops for Newborns (with sparkles and diamonds, or without!)

New to digital backgrounds?  Here is a quick VIDEO TUTORIAL to show you how easy and fun it can be!!

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digital backdrops


for photographers


Birth announcements

Accordion mini albums

business cards

and more

I love being able to present my customers' with high quality products that will last a lifetime.  As I design new products for my own business, I add them to my 'Templates Store for Photographers'.  You can easily change the colors in each template to fit your needs and coordinate with YOUR images.  It's as simple as using the eye dropper tool to select a new color.  New designs are being added to the store all the time!!!   http://caraleecasephotography....

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